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Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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Providing information regarding workers compensation benefits for injured workers in Missouri

The Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation program is designed to protect workers who have sustained injuries or contracted illnesses on the job. Maneuvering through the complex regulations can feel especially overwhelming as you focus on your physical recovery. the Guirl Law Firm helps injured workers throughout St. Louis collect their full entitlement of workers compensation benefits. With his more than 25 years of experience and dedication to the well-being of his clients, our lawyer helps you recover the fair compensation you deserve.

Temporary disability and payment of lost wages

Your injury might prevent you from returning to any type of work for a while, during which time you may be eligible for temporary total disability (TTD) benefits to provide your family with income until you can return to your job. TTD benefits continue until your doctor reports that your condition has reached the maximum medical improvement (MMI). However, if your doctor gives you the approval to perform lighter modified job duties at a lower wage, you may be eligible for temporary partial disability benefits that partially pay the balance until you can return to your regular job duties at full earnings. the Guirl Law Firm pursues your timely receipt of TTD and temporary partial disability benefits. We also advocate for your right to continue receiving these crucial payments until you are fit enough to work again.

Missouri permanent disability benefits

If your on-the-job injury resulted in a permanent disability that prevents you from working in any capacity, you may be entitled to permanent total disability. If you can no longer perform tasks required by your former job, but are able to accept another position at a lower rate of pay, permanent partial disability fills the gap in your wages. Our workers compensation lawyer guides you through the process of securing your rightful workers compensation disability benefits. We also advise you on the effects your workers compensation will have on other types of benefits and obligations — such as Social Security Disability (SSD), unemployment compensation, Medicare, Missouri’s Second Injury Fund and child support arrangements. If appropriate in your case, we might also consider filing a third party claim in a St. Louis civil court for negligence of outside parties.

Survivor benefits for families of fatally injured workers

Families of workers who die in work-related accidents may be entitled to benefits through the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation program. If your loved one was a firefighter, a volunteer firefighter, a law enforcement officer, an air ambulance pilot, an air ambulance registered professional nurse or an emergency medical technician killed in the line of duty, your family has the right to additional benefits. Even if the fatal injury or illness was not related to employment, your family may be eligible for the accrued benefits to which your loved one was entitled. Our team compassionately assists you in obtaining this essential financial support for you family during a difficult time.

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