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Defective Air Bags

St. Louis Lawyer Assists Plaintiffs Harmed by Defective Air Bags

Respected firm provides thorough counsel to Missouri accident victims

Automobile air bags are designed to prevent serious injuries and death, but widespread problems have unexpectedly led to significant problems for drivers and passengers. If you’ve been hurt due to a defective air bag, you need an attorney with a strong history of defeating powerful opponents in court. At the Guirl Law Firm in St. Louis, we advocate for Missouri clients in a wide range of personal injury and auto accident matters. We’ll look beyond the defenses offered by air bag manufacturers and car makers and help you avoid being pressured into an unfair settlement. Whether the key flaw resulted from improper design, negligent installation or poor assembly, our firm will press for appropriate relief.

Knowledgeable lawyer advises victims of all types of car air bag problems

Driving on I-55 or through your neighborhood, an air bag malfunction can cause severe damage. One air bag manufacturer, Takata, has been responsible for 50 million faulty air bags that pose a significant risk to people riding in cars equipped with them, even when no collision occurs. For claims arising from air bag problems, our firm offers clients a free initial consultation so you can gain an informed perspective on incidents such as:

  • Failure to deploy — If you were in a crash and the air bag did not deploy, the harm was likely much worse. We’ll litigate to obtain compensation for the medical costs, lost income and other damages caused by the defect.
  • Inappropriate deployment — An air bag that deploys at the wrong time impedes the driver’s ability to see the road and maneuver the vehicle.
  • Explosive burst causing facial injuries — Problems with air bags made by Takata and others have resulted in unexpected, explosive bursts. These eruptions have triggered numerous types of injuries, including broken noses, blunt force trauma, eye injuries and thermal burns.

Attorney James N. Guirl has more than three decades of personal injury litigation experience and knows how to handle the complex evidentiary and procedural issues that often accompany cases relating to defective products. For claims arising from air bag problems and other instances of negligence, our firm offers a free initial consultation so you can gain an informed perspective on your legal rights.

Contact a St. Louis lawyer for a free consultation if you’ve been hurt by a faulty air bag

The Guirl Law Firm serves Missouri clients who have been injured because an automobile air bag malfunctioned. Please call 314-391-2585 at any time of day or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our office is in St. Louis, but if you cannot travel, attorney James Guirl can come to your home or hospital room.


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