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Head and Spinal Injuries

Missouri Litigator Pursues Compensation for Head and Spinal Injuries

Proven St. Louis Injury firm represents victims of vehicle accidents and falls

Any injury that requires medical treatment is serious, but damage that affects the head or spine can have long-term effects that are not immediately apparent. If you’ve been hurt in this way, you can’t properly assert your rights without knowledgeable guidance regarding your medical condition and the potential compensation that is available. Located in St. Louis, the Guirl Law Firm represents Missouri victims of auto accidents, falls and other incidents that inflict harm upon the head, brain and back. Attorney James N. Guirl has a successful litigation track record amassed over more than three decades and gives clients an advantage by identifying key evidence quickly and building a comprehensive legal argument.

Skillful attorney handles cases involving traumatic brain injuries

A traumatic brain injury can have a seemingly endless series of effects and symptoms, including dizziness, cognitive impairment, vision problems, epidural hemorrhages and even death. Our firm works with medical experts to detail the full impact of a blow to the head. From there, we seek justice from the negligent parties in cases arising from a full range of incidents, such as:

  • Vehicle accidents — Our firm assists victims in lawsuits and insurance matters when someone has suffered a head injury after a car, truck or motorcycle crash.
  • Falls — Even if the distance is not great, falling on your head could cause longstanding harm. If this occurs because someone else has not used reasonable care, we’ll explain possible remedies available in a premises liability action.
  • Sports injuries — A great deal of attention has been given to the effects of concussions on football players and other athletes. Whether you or a family member has been hurt in a single event or as the result of repeated cranial collisions, we can evaluate your legal options.
  • Dropped objects — Any object that falls or is dropped from above and hits someone on the head creates a serious hazard. As you work on healing physically, we’ll take action against careless people and businesses.

Starting with a free initial consultation, our personal injury firm will work tirelessly to win a substantial result at trial or through a settlement.

Advocate assists people suffering from back and spinal cord problems

A spinal cord injury can have devastating effects, diminishing or destroying body functions. If you’ve endured an impact to your back in a vehicle crash or some other type of incident, you need prompt assistance from qualified professionals. Whether your case involves paralysis, changes in your daily routine, or persistent pain, we’ll protect your rights and guide you toward a fair resolution of your legal claim.

Contact an experienced St. Louis head and spinal injury lawyer for a free initial consultation

The Guirl Law Firm advocates for Missouri residents who have suffered head and spinal injuries. Please call 314-391-2585 24 hours a day or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our office is in St. Louis, but if you cannot travel, attorney James Guirl can come to your home, hospital or nursing facility.


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Case: Medical Malpractice: Anoxic Brain Injury
Results: Settlement: $2,000,000.00
Case: Personal Injury: Truck/Motor Vehicle
Results: Settlement: 1,000,000.00 (policy limits)
Case: Medical Malpractice: Childbirth/Shoulder Dystocia
Results: Jury Verdict: $840,000.00