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The Importance of Filing a Timely Boating Accident Report in Missouri

If you are ever involved in an accident on Missouri’s waterways, The Handbook of Missouri Boating Laws and Responsibilities provides you with an accident checklist of steps to respond to the emergency and report the incident. Your first responsibility is to stop and to remain at the scene. Your second responsibility is to take the… Read More »

Failure to Report Medical Mistakes by Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals

Some doctors, nurses and hospitals are not as forthcoming as they should be when they suspect that a medical mistake has been made — and it is often up to the patients and their families to discover these errors.  Breaking through the cone of silence that surrounds many instances of malpractice is often difficult for… Read More »

Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes Made By Consumers Injured by Dangerous or Defective Products

The biggest mistake you can make when you have been injured by a defective product is to dispose of the product, the product packaging or the receipt information. You need to preserve the evidence if you go to trial. Tests need to be conducted to demonstrate precisely how a: Device malfunctioned Prescription drug caused harm… Read More »

How Degree of Fault Affects Your Right to Compensation after an Accident or Injury

In Missouri, comparative negligence laws exist to ensure that the negligent parties pay the cost of injuries only to the extent that they are responsible for causing the resultant harm.  However, comparative fault laws also motivate insurance claim adjusters to increase your degree of fault, and thus reduce the dollar value of the settlement award… Read More »

Welcome to The Guirl Law Firm blog

Welcome to the Guirl Law Firm blog. Our St. Louis office handles personal injury, auto accidents, medical malpractice and workers compensation cases throughout Missouri. Through this blog, our goal is to educate, inform and share important news and insights about personal injury laws in Missouri. We understand that the legal process can cause a lot… Read More »

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