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Premises Liability

Maximizing Premises Liability Recovery in St. Louis

How Missouri slip and fall laws affect you

Premises liability may occur in any location —your office, a hospital, a parking garage, your apartment residence, your school campus or a movie theater. The property defect that injures you may be a wet surface, a loose railing, an unmarked construction zone or any other perilous condition. You have the right to recover for your trip, slip, fall or blow.

Attorney James N. Guirl, II founded the Guirl Law Firm to provide compassionate, determined representation to victims of personal injury. With more than 25 years of experience, the firm is dedicated to getting the best possible results for you.

Are snow- and ice-covered walkways in St. Louis a fact of life?

St. Louis residents are accustomed to bitter cold, harsh Missouri winters. More than an inconvenience, slick ice-covered roadways, slippery ice-patched sidewalks and heavy snow accumulation on roofs and trees can cause serious injuries. For this reason, the city’s Public Works Department and commercial and residential property owners have a duty to clear the hazards as soon as possible. By allowing these dangerous conditions to remain, the premises owners put you at risk of injury.

Our premises liability lawyers conduct a full investigation into the conditions of the property at the time you crashed your vehicle, slipped and fell or became buried under an avalanche. The city may be liable for unplowed roads that contributed to your auto accident. A business owner may be culpable for an awning or scaffolding that collapses from the weight of amassed snow. Your landlord who failed to de-ice the stairwells and walkways to your building is responsible for the resulting slip and fall.

What is security negligence?

Security negligence is the failure of property owners to provide the level of security appropriate for the premises and its intended use. For example, you know that cameras record your movements as you walk through the galleria mall. Intended as a theft-prevention device, videos also deter violence. Likewise, you are likely to encounter numerous security guards during your shopping trip, as you would while attending a ballgame at the Busch Stadium or sightseeing at St. Louis Gateway Arch. At your home, you expect your landlord to change burned-out light bulbs, repair broken locks and trim overgrown bushes that provide hiding places for assailants.

Prosecutors pursue your attacker in the criminal courts. Although a conviction may satisfy your sense of justice, it will not pay the medical expenses you have incurred as a result of your assault. The Guirl Law Firm holds landowners culpable for personal injury you sustained because they implemented inadequate security measures.

Let our St. Louis premises liability lawyer represent you in your slip and fall case

To learn more about recovering compensation for your premises liability injury, call the Guirl Law Firm on our 24-hour toll-free hotline 314-391-2585 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.


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