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Seatbelt Failure

Skillful Missouri Lawyer Represents People Hurt by Seatbelt Failures

Accomplished St. Louis attorney takes on negligent manufacturers

Seatbelts are intended to make driving or riding in a car safer, and they usually serve that function — but not always. Nearly 6,000 deaths occur annually in the United States because seatbelts didn’t work properly. At the Guirl Law Firm in St. Louis, we have obtained successful litigation results for vehicle crash victims since 1999. With more than 30 years of legal experience, founding attorney James N. Guirl knows how to take on negligent parties after a harmful accident caused by a faulty seatbelt or some other factor. We have the skill to identify where the problem originated and the resources to build the strongest case possible on behalf of Missouri clients.

Dedicated firm handles cases involving ejections and brain injuries

Whether you’re driving on the street where you live or a major highway such as Interstate 70 or 55, a seatbelt failure can change your life forever. In auto accidents, the sudden stop caused by a collision, combined with the momentum of a person’s body, can trigger a violent impact with a dashboard, steering wheel, windshield, seat or anything else that blocks the victim’s movement. Seatbelts are designed to minimize this impact, but when they don’t work, serious or even deadly harm can result, such as:

  • Head and spinal injuries — The mobility of the head and neck makes auto accident victims susceptible to whiplash and other types of injuries that could result in various types of brain damage. In these situations and cases involving spinal injuries, we take great care to pursue a resolution that accounts for the full extent of your harm.
  • Ejections — Being thrown from a vehicle greatly increases the likelihood that a person’s injuries will be permanent or fatal. Our firm takes assertive action against seatbelt manufacturers and other negligent parties when an ejection occurs.
  • Windshield impact — A lack of adequate restraint might thrust a person into a windshield. The broken glass that results creates a threat of cuts, bleeding, and tendon and nerve damage.

We have an extensive knowledge of products liability law and the resources to determine the true cause of auto accident injuries. In a free initial consultation, we’ll evaluate the facts in your case and assess what type of compensation you can expect in a trial or settlement.

Proven advocate investigates to determine where legal liability exists

Millions of vehicles have been recalled because of seatbelt problems, but many people don’t realize that a defect exists until it is too late. Whether your injury was caused or worsened by a broken latch, a belt that did not fit properly, or a failure for the belt to tighten upon impact, our firm will conduct a thorough investigation on your behalf. From there, we’ll seek accountability not only from liable manufacturers but also from dealers, parts makers and any other party that might have contributed to your injury.

Contact a St. Louis lawyer for a free initial consultation regarding a seatbelt failure

The Guirl Law Firm represents Missouri clients who have been injured due to seatbelt failures. Please call 314-391-2585 at any time of day or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our office is in St. Louis, but if you cannot travel, attorney James Guirl can come to your residence, hospital or nursing home.


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